How Financial Advisors Can Use the Power of Social Media

As a professional, you must know how important it is to connect with the right people to grow your clientele and business. One of the most powerful tools available to everyone today is social media. Of course, by now, everyone knows the power it holds, and yet not everyone has taken to using it for themselves. 

Supposedly, there’s no right or wrong way to use social media. However, if you’re using it for business or other professional purposes, there is definitely a wrong way to use it. Social media is a place where you can advertise yourself as a financial advisor and even interact with your potential clients. The casual and laid-back atmosphere is not something that you can replicate in person.

Today’s primary consumers are changing. They are tech-savvy people that look for someone equally if not techier than they are. While social media might not be advanced technology, knowing how to use it right as a professional shows people that you’re modern, reliable, and more. 

If you’re wondering how to use social media for advertising yourself as a financial advisor, here are the basic things you should know.

Study Your Target Market Audience for Wealth Management Advertising Leads

First and foremost, an essential part of social media is connecting and socializing. You can’t do that if, for one, you don’t know your target audience. And two, you don’t know anything about them. 

Take the time to research your target audience and find out what matters to them. What do they look for in a financial advisor? Are they even looking? What kind of issues are they facing? And so on and so forth. This information will help you build better relationships and provide better content that they will appreciate. 

Be Thoughtful With Your Social Media Advertising, Blog Posts and Great SEO

The biggest mistake you can make on social media is posting for the sake of it. Not even influencers do that anymore. The only people who can post whatever they want are people who use social media for purely personal reasons. For professionals and companies alike, every post must be purposeful and built around the client.

If you want to make a post that introduces your brand and company more to the public, the purpose of that is to make you more approachable and human. Posts that provide short but practical lessons help to establish you as an industry expert and leader. It’s small things like that make a world difference when all is said and done. 

Remember that the purpose of social media is to engage with prospects, gain new clients, and raise awareness about your brand. Your thoughtful posts can help you do that. 

Find the Right Time for You and Stick to It

One common myth about social media is the ‘best time to post.’ In theory, it sounds about right. There’s a right time and a wrong time to post. However, people fail to realize that the right time and the wrong time can vary significantly. 

People might think that the social media rules of one industry apply to them and vice versa. That is incorrect, though. The best time to post will depend on your target audience and how they use social media. So, you have to find the best time for you and your audience.

One thing that’s more important than ‘peak posting hours’ is consistency. Another social media blunder that most brands commit is failing to be consistent. You can’t survive or thrive on sporadic posts and hope that the audience stays interested.

Posting consistently can be a challenge. That is why you should always plan and have a dedicated posting schedule. Don’t worry about adding random but related posts to that schedule. Worry about not having any scheduled posts. 

The Bottom Line for CFP Financial Planners Online Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is an integral part of any business strategy. Remember that people are looking for more value across all their transactions, including getting financial advice. Social media is a great place to put yourself out there and proactively interact with your clients. 

When it comes to social media, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach or strategy. What you have to do is keep a keen eye on the target market. Study your data and find out what is working for you and what isn’t. Slowly, you will begin to see the patterns and clearer path on efficiently managing your social media.

If you need help with social media advertising and the best SEO for financial advisors on social media, we can help you. Alpha Bay Media is a specialist agency that focuses on building visibility and lead generation. Our goal is to help financial industry firms grow their business and dominate the market through smart strategies and practical solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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