Alpha Bay Media Is The Premier Pay Per Lead Company For Home Service Businesses


Alpha Bay Media can help you grow your business without the usual agency retainer headache.

We specialize in ‘pay per lead’ digital marketing. NO MORE expensive agencies that bamboozle you with confusing ‘advertising’ jargon expect a long-term retainer contract and then sadly underperform.

We sell leads your sales team will love, that also provide you with an instant ROI.


About Alpha Bay Media



We are a team of experts with 15+ years experience in digital marketing with skills and expertise in their respective fields who have come together to be at your service. We assure you, that upon taking on your business, our team will deliver real exclusive live leads that your team will love. Our vision for our customers is to bring better business opportunities to them through our proven lead generation strategies. Here at Alpha Bay Media, we want to work with the right partners, as we see your success and growth as our success and growth.

Pay Per Lead

We are an expert at generating Qualified leads through through multiple channels where we take the leads through a series of qualifications and nurturing sequences before they get to your team. Leads are the heartbeat to running a successful business and we have the tools and expertise to make your phone ring so you can grow and accomplish your goals.


Level Up With Alpha Bay Media / Boost Your Marketing With Alpha Bay Media

A diverse group of individuals with skills and expertise in their respective fields has come together to be at your service. We assure you that, upon being given a chance, our team can take all the burden of marketing off your shoulders. Our vision for our customers is to bring better business opportunities to them through organic marketing.

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Client Testimonial

“It was my first experience with Alpha Bay Media and I must say that they were well put together, straight up guys and professional. They delivered exactly what they said they would. We were buying leads from Home Advisor and Angie’s list, which we did ok with. However the leads these guys deliver are just a different level of quality. They were real live leads and the fact they are exclusive has made our closing rates much better. “

- Marcelo Ruiz

“Joshua at Alpha Bay Media is a stand up guy. Buying leads is obviously important but I’m also a super skeptic when it comes to buying leads. We had tried google and facebook ads in the past with success, but I was having to do all my own calls at the time, so calling back leads was always time consuming and ill be honest I probably missed business because I didn’t always have to time to vet the leads. My experience with Alpha Bay Media was great and the leads were quality and they were prevetted. I also now have a sales team!”

- Sam Murrer

“I used Alpha Bay Media to help us with our Google Business Profile. We had heard of SEO but didn’t really know how SEO worked at the time and they offered me their services. They created and maintained my Google Business Profile and helped with my website from the ground up. I am completely satisfied with their work and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a skilled team of SEO experts. My phone is actually ringing with people looking for my service.”

- Alison Gray


Great Results Comes With Great Marketing

In this era of digitalization, no one can deny the importance of digital marketing. If you are the one who is denying this fact then you are denying your presence in the Business world.

Pay Per Lead

One of the most widely used browsers is Google. Ads on Google have a greater reach than those on other sites. Our team is constantly working to improve the ad experience. You can control who sees your ad and how many people react to it by commenting, sharing, and clicking on it. This is useful when developing strategies to improve future ad campaigns.

Google Business Profile SEO

We aim to create the content for your website and Google Business Profile that showcases the right keywords and the right metrics according to the search engine’s algorithm to make your profile rank in the top searches. Including keyword research and implementation, we execute thorough audits of your websites’ infrastructure to make sure that they are all online and that everything is running smoothly to stay on top!

Lead Segmentation

What makes us different is not only the different ways that we generate hot buyer leads, but how we segment them. Our bespoke segmentation takes your leads through a multi step process so we know the exact data points that we need to know to qualify them. We do this every time before we live transfer the lead to your sales team. It’s why your sales team will be happier than ever. Less time chasing. More time closing.

Funnel Builds

When you buy from us we actually handle all the hard upfront work. We will include our funnel builds into the process at no additional cost. It a true pay per lead service with no upfront free. No crazy high retainers without a promise of anything working. A true partnership where we have to perform and grow with your business. We only succeed if you succeed.

SMS & Email Marketing

Our email marketing strategies are one of top tier marketing tactics which keep your audience hooked up with new, updated information. Implementing nurture sequences on the back end our the lead generation so we can squeeze out additional conversions! And your new potential clients can build trust by learning more about your brand.

Masters Of Our Craft

First of all, we are all about quality. Period. We have been successfully delivering high quality leads for a long time. Yes, we focus on volume, but not at a loss of quality. We need both for this to work for you and us. We know your sales team would prefer high contact rates and actual engaged customers any day of the week over what they get from other lead generation companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our vast experience comprises of local businesses, but mostly Roofing, Solar, and HVAC is our largest area of expertise.

Often people ask this question, “Do we need digital marketing?” The answer is Yes! Especially if you want to grow fast. The more eyes on your business, the more sales you will get.

Our professionals can outperform in different kinds of marketing, including effective Pay Per Lead, Google Business SEO, Web Design, Funnel Builds,  Social Media Management.

We usually work with localized home service businesses. We focus majorly on our strengths however in Roofing, Solar, and HVAC.

We work mostly in the USA and Canada.

We charge differently for each service offered. To know about our packages simply book a free strategy call so we can learn more about your business and see if we are a good fit.


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