How Financial Advisors Can Benefit from Local SEO

The financial sector exists to serve the specific needs of the market. For financial advisors, they rely on word-of-mouth and an excellent track record for providing their services. However, many don’t realize that they can also benefit from local search engine optimization (SEO).

In the realm of digital marketing, a business uses SEO to widen its reach. Since financial advisors are providing clients with their services, they can do the same thing as well. Generally, local SEO can help increase virtual presence, leading you to the correct local audience.

What exactly are the benefits of local SEO to financial advisors? This article lists them down for you. Read on below to learn more.

Financial Planners Gain Understanding for Local SEO 

The term “local” suggests that local SEO modifies SEO methods by focusing on a particular geographic area. 

Local SEO establishes a presence on a local scale while driving engagement and website traffic among users in a specific area. In other words, local SEO uses targeted efforts that can maximize the return of investment (ROI) from your SEO.

Local SEO for Financial Advisors

Most delve into financial topics out of necessity. The job of financial advisors is to educate people more about these topics so that it can be pretty competitive sometimes. Since there’s competition, establishing your presence through traditional SEO practices isn’t enough.

If you lack geographical filters, most of your traffic is most likely from irrelevant prospects, even if you’re successful in driving traffic to your website’s content. This is just wasting your time, efforts, and money, but it can be avoided through local SEO. If you convert local clients, then the chances of growing your business through local SEO are very likely.

Optimizing Your Visibility for Local SEO

There are several ways that financial advisors can optimize their visibility for local SEO. Some of these include:

1. Target Local Keywords for Google Searches

As mentioned earlier, local SEO makes use of targeted keywords for better hits. Allow us to elaborate on this.

Let’s say that the keyword is “best financial advisor” according to your keyword strategy. If you want to get a local, targeted keyword, it should be “best financial advisor in Miami” or wherever your business is. These kinds of keywords are also known as “long-tail” keywords and are considerably less competitive, which means that your business can rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) with the help of organic search. 

As long as a keyword is anywhere in your website, be it titles, subheadings, or just within the text, it already helps your SEO.

2. Maintain Your GMB Google My Business Listing.

Your Google My Business info must constantly be updated to maximize your visibility to online users actively searching for your business. In turn, this helps strengthen your local SEO efforts.

3. Get Feedback and Online Web Reviews from Your Clients.

Reviews and feedback from your clients go a long way towards helping your business grow, and even that helps with your efforts for local SEO. In-depth customer reviews are a sign that they’re not auto-generated bots, which allows you to rank in local SEO.

4. Do Guest Blogging with Local Financial Partners

Guest blogging with other financial services providers is a great way to build local visibility. Aside from that, there’s also the backlinking opportunity that can provide an excellent boost to your SEO.


SEO can help every business, and financial advisors are no exception. Local SEO is the way to go for them because of their targeted approach, and there’s also a great deal of ROI if used wisely. 

Alpha Bay Media at provides top-quality SEO for financial advisors and lead generation. There is no shortage of people who want to be financially literate, which is why financial advisors should always be accessible, or at the very least visible to them. Contact us today to learn more!

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