Why Financial Advisors Should Take Advantage of Local SEO

Financial advice is a great product that everyone can benefit from. That same reason is what makes the industry a tough competition for financial advisors. These experts often need to establish a community to expand their business. Instead of making themselves available to people from anywhere across the US, they have to focus on one area and make a name for themselves in that location. 

Many ways to promote oneself to people exist nowadays, but if there is an effective method that could help boost your business locally, it is the use of local SEO. 

Understanding Local SEO

If you have heard about the benefit of using search engine optimization (SEO), local SEO is no different. In fact, it is a more focused form of search engine optimization that increases your chances of getting more traffic. Instead of having a vast area of coverage, local SEO works by targeting a specific location. 

It helps the search engine suggest your site more to any queries related to financial advisors and financial advising in your practice area. If you optimize your business for local SEO and do it well, any online searches that aim for a particular place near you would reveal your page on local searches. For example, if you target keywords such as “trustworthy financial advisors in St. Petersburg” or “financial service near me,” Google would more likely recommend your page should these queries appear on their search bar.

How It Can Help Financial Advisors

You might be wondering how specifically local search engine optimization can help your business. It offers the following benefits:

  • Increases Visibility in Search Results – When you add the name of your community or state to your main keywords, you tell your search engine which areas and people you target. That helps them recommend your page to the correct online queries. 
  • Generates More Traffic to Your Online Site and Physical Office – The more traffic you get for your website, the more potential leads you have and the better the result for your business. More importantly, these people you attract to your site are relevant and qualified prospects that could return to the institution later. Since more people recognize what you do, they would take the opportunity to check if you meet their qualifications and be able to provide the financial service that they need. 
  • Increases People’s Trust in Your Brand – The more you establish your presence, the more significant your authority becomes on social media. Trust is a crucial factor when discussing money, and it is a valuable asset on which every financial advisor should capitalize. When people search for such a service and find your name on top of the list, you immediately capture their attention and earn some of their trust. All you need to do is fill in the rest to make them your next valuable client.

Conclusion for Why Financial Planners should use SEO

Local SEO is a marketing tool that your business should take advantage of. When used strategically, it would make your marketing efforts a good spend of money. Activating your page for local SEO is fairly easy. As long as you know what local keywords to target, increase your visibility among online users using that keyword, and follow the recommended strategy, the search engine will do the rest of the work for you. If you need help, many SEO service providers for financial advisors exist to help you. 

If you are looking for SEO services for financial advisors in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, or Orlando  FL, that could help you localize your search engine optimization, we can help. Alpha Bay Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in helping the financial sector. We use SEO and Google ads to generate organic leads for your business and help it rank number one in local Google search. Book a discovery call today. 

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