4 Beginner’s Steps to Generate Leads for Financial Advisors

The website has long been known as the most effective medium for securing clients online. If you have a website and believe that you have done what you can to make it more credible and inviting as a financial advisor but still fail to get leads, there might still be elements you might not have tapped yet. 

How To Generate Leads For Financial Advisors and CFP Planners

When it comes to leads, optimizing the website is the best way to get it started. If you have no idea how to begin, here are some tips you can use as your guide:

Step 1: Ensure That Your Website Works With Various Devices And Operating Systems

The last thing any business wants is to realize that its website is not accessible on phones and other devices. That could be the very reason search engines are ignoring your website. 

Make sure that you have a responsive website that appears well on mobile devices. Remember that the majority of internet users today access the internet via their mobile phones. If you want to be the most viable financial advisor, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. 

They may feel inconvenienced by your website’s unresponsive layout and abandon it to look for more convenient options that can provide a better experience.

Step 2: Provide a Clear Navigation for Wealth Management Client Leads

Always think from your prospective client’s point of view. When they visit a financial advisor’s website, there are a lot of questions they may have. Suppose everything they need to know about your business and services is on your website. In that case, you need to provide them with straightforward navigation to access those details easily. 

You do not want to overwhelm your visitors with too much information, especially if it is overloaded in the interface and confusing. Your website should have all the vital information laid out in easy-to-find locations. The menu should be direct and understandable, and there should be a search button to look for the answers they need directly. 

Here is a list of the information they usually want to learn about your business:

  • About section to tell a brief background about the company
  • Products and services offered
  • How to contact the company
  • Training, tools, and other sources of free or paid information

Step 3. Leave a Compelling Call-to-Action with Great SEO and Social Media Advertising

Your goal is for your site visitors to make a move before leaving your website, and that is where your call-to-action should come in handy. It could be in any form and placed anywhere you believe they will see clearly. Whether it is an ad on the header, footer, or a copy at the end of every blog post—it depends on your strategy.

The most important thing is that you encourage them to do something after interacting with your website. You may encourage them to contact you, download a freebie, or sign up for your newsletter. Regardless of your chosen format, the CTA should have the following characteristics:

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Brief and direct to the point
  • If possible, tell what benefit they would get from it
  • Well-designed and cohesive with the branding

Step 4: Utilize an Effective SEO Strategy for Financial Planners

Improving your internal content and appearance is not enough. You have to activate its search engine optimization as well. Make sure to work with an experienced SEO expert to know how to navigate this aspect of marketing well. SEO involves the use of specific keywords to help you reach an organic new audience. If you have a more targeted audience, local SEO should be implemented for your site. 


Having a striking website is not enough to get leads on the internet. You also need to utilize other digital marketing strategies and various tools to get the leads you want. Fortunately, there are marketing experts out there willing to help you achieve your goals for your site. 

If you are looking for the best lead generation and SEO companies for financial planners and wealth management, you are on the right page. Alpha Bay Media uses SEO and Google ads to generate organic leads. We specialize in helping financial advisors acquire more clients. Book a free discovery call so we can discuss the details of how we can help you. 

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